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EZREAL GOT A NEW W - League of Legends patch 8.20

Riot Games
W has been redesigned

Ezreal’s W has never quite felt as meaningful as his other spells. Unless you were building nothing but ability power, the spell didn’t do much damage and the only thing it was useful for was it’s attack speed increase, which felt a little strange for an ADC to have when it was tough to use on himself. Now, Ezreal’s W marks a target and a second ability will detonate the mark for more damage, which should fit with the rest of his kit a little bit better.

[NEW] W - Essence Flux

Ezreal fires an orb that sticks to the first champion or objective hit. Hitting the orb with an ability or attack detonates it. Detonating with an ability refunds mana.

DAMAGE 75/120/165/210/255 magic damage

RATIO 0.6 bonus attack damage + 0.7 ability power

RANGE 1150 (same as <strong>Q - Mystic Shot</strong>)

COOLDOWN 12 seconds

ORB DURATION 4 seconds

COST 50 mana

MANA REFUND ON ABILITY DETONATION 60 plus the cost of the ability that detonated Essence Flux

OBJECTIVE Essence Flux can stick to champions, epic monsters, turrets, inhibitors, and the Nexus

Q - Mystic Shot

RATIO 0.4 ability power >>> 0.3 ability power

E - Arcane Shift

[NEW] ESSENCE ATTRACTION Arcane Shift now prioritizes enemies affected by Essence Flux

R - Trueshot Barrage

ICONIC No balance or mechanics changes. Just adding this to show off the new icon!

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