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What's Next and Coming To Ezreal Build?

I was thinking of a lot of things by developing my blog about Ezreal. I don't know exactly how to do just coding that what I really been planning to do so. Let's say, I would like to counter Twitch by using Ezreal, what build should I do since we all know that Twitch will do dominate Ezreal in 1v1 stand. But there are a lot of ways to defeat Twitch and that is base on the players.

Player who do the perfect Ezreal Build to counter Twitch. Now, it is up to us how to do so. But still, we need to consider that we have 5 opponents. It is a team fight not only a 1v1 when it comes to ranked game or even tournaments.

The eSports phenomenon is on fire, the future of video games is at our current era. This year, League of Legends eSports is at Asian Games, imagine if it will proceed to Olympics. Is it even possible?

A lot of things that can discuss in League of Legends specially using Ezreal. Experimenting its build and of course the most effective build based on opponents.

So, what are the upcoming things for Ezreal Build site?

Ezreal Build - Main topic is always the best Ranked Game Solo/Duo to achieve and improve ranking in the ladder.

Ezreal vs All! - What I mean is how to counter all of the champions vs Ezreal.

Fast Build Suggestion - I was thinking of the filter codes which will allow us to easily get the best build for countering champs.

Strategy In-Game - more analyzing and study which is more better for Ezreal when it comes to lanes. He can be of course all lanes. From Top, Mid, Jungle, most ADC or even Support (only for troll plays).

eSports Ezreal News - I really like to see how do Pro players do play Ezreal, since he is a very safe pick and always open. He maybe not good in 1v1 normal attack against other ADC's but still his good and safe micro plays using his Q (Mystic Shot).

More post to come here as always, just now I get so busy in work reason why I did made any post this past few days. I think just to enjoy some more game first will do refresh a lot.

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