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The Advantage of Using Runes Build for Ezreal (ADC) of Patch 8.16

At first I never really use Runes or Masteries when I started playing League of Legends before. Since I was a former DOTA player, I just go with the in-game items buy it by farming and win by team-fights. I really didn't mind using both of these in the game. But now, it is more important because it is part of the game.

Previously, we have Runes and Masteries to set and use every single game. There are a lot of updates had past specially about merging runes and masterie to reforge and stand as Runes.

This post is will explain why do you need to use this Runes Build, where I did posted in my recent post Ezreal Build. It is the current build that I currently use in-game using Ezreal and the result was a good impact to my playstyle and more advantage earning fast way to farm. Do continue reading for more details about this runes build based on Ezreal's abilities.

Kleptomancy procs exactly like Sheen resulting in Ezreal being one of the biggest abusers of the proc though the use of [Q].

The consistent influx of both Mana and Health potions saves you a lot of money over the course of the game paired with a significant income from the occasional "Sacks of Gold" proc.

Magical Footwear combined with Klepto is designed to skyrocket you ahead in item efficiency for an extremely powerful mid-game.

Klepto potions plus Biscuits means you shouldn't have to purchase many potions at all with earned gold. The extra bit of maximum mana and mana sustain is also important for dishing out damage.

Ezreal probably loves CDR more than any other AD Carry does. CDR means more survivability and way more damage. The slight Summoner cooldown also provides safety in your weak early game.

If you're looking to build Iceborn Gauntlet instead of Tri-Force then Approach velocity is an interesting choice here to further chase down your target.

Manaflow band grants massive early game lane sustain when paired with the potions from Klepto. In the later points of the game when you have a stacked tear, Manaflow will refund massive amounts of mana.

Gathering Storm is your late-game insurance policy. Since you'll be spending the majority of your early game surviving and poking with [Q], the early damage isn't as necessary.

If you're still not convince enough about this runes build, well, this was also used by a lot of proplayers where currently still the top effective winning rate. Last time, I build an ultimate Lethality build to maximized Q of Ezreal. It was totally fun, but only Q got the max out damage not other skills. So if you going to stand one on one, once you didn't hit your Q to your enemy, then it will be a easy GG as you missed the opportunity the huge damage that you build. You cannot even stand to an ADC to his normal hit with also attack speed that they build.

So, at the current Patch Note 8.16 released by far, this build was one of the best do so.

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