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SKT T1 Bang - Ezreal Build ADC Pro Build

So how do you play and build Ezreal? Now we will talk about one of the best ADC pro player Bang.

Now, I would bring up all possible builds that will help everyone to get the most out of Ezreal. By the way, I did tried this new dual tears and it makes me really sick. Yep! that's true, having 2 tears was cool but still it really depends on the user's capacity. The talent of each players was always the different.

Basically, my recent Ezreal build of the current patch note 8.16 was totally the best as of now. But of course, keep in mind that it is always depends on your opponent. Just like how SKT T1 Bang play and build Ezreal.

Usually, you will see him buying Iceborn Gauntlet if there are fighter champions like Yasuo, Xin Zhao, Aatrox etc.. Of course, the purpose was to slow them down. Main thing is that before they will get near to you was that movement speed has been decreased.

He will buy a Trinity Force if most of his opponents are attack speed build or most are tanks.

Then, his target was also finish the Muramana. Must buy Tear of Goddess up to 750 total stacks and complete Manamuni to achieve the Muramana item.

Next was the of course, the Blade of the Ruined King. This item will never gonna be forgotten as an ADC.

To follow items was also depends his trip but he always had Guardian Angel. This is needed to the late game. It makes us more safe to those Assassins like Zed, Kayn, Kha'zix to be FF instantly in a team-fight.

The runes that he current use was the most recent that I posted. It was really good to build in this Patch 8.16. You may want to read the reasons why you need to build and the advantages making this runes build.


I will review more so that I can learn how do they do it and how to develop my skills to achieve my target rank for this Season 8.

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