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How good is our Ezreal build S8 Patch 8.16?

These are one of the most amazing Ezreal build video montage gameplays compilation. Most of the time, Ezreal was really good when you have 2 tanks on your team. He will be outplaying most of the time. Ezreal will manage to do its play with our build.

Check out the first play, which he has 2 tanks protecting him during the clash with a low 25% health left to get the PENTAKILL. Killing Leona, then Rengar, next was the ADC Jhin hit by Ezreal’s Ult and following with 2 more Camille and LeBlanc.

Take a look on The Advantage of Using Runes Build for Ezreal (ADC) of Patch 8.16

Next was the amazing outplay gank in the bot lane. Sona trying to recall and Ezreal has been gank in both lane by Quinn, together with Lucian and Pyke. Both Lucian and Quinn are dead with Ezreal’s Ult.

1v1 tower dive by Kyne

Okay, and how about an outstanding outplay with 1v1 Kyne? Check out the tower dive by Kyne at the first Mid tower and Ezreal pull all out with that 1v1 fight (lucky tower help anyway).

The clash in Infernal Dragon.

The help all your team mate is a must. While the running Yasuo is chance by Ezreal’s team, a wonderful sidestep with Nidalee’s Q, it saves Ezreal with a massive possible damage. While Yasuo’s dash to Ezreal Puppy protected him and push Yasuo away so that Ezreal can make his play. And thanks to Gragas set, Ezreal made a Quadra Kill.

A 5v1 Fight

And there are more in this video, but one of my favorite that I can really relate too, is the last one where red team is losing. Ezreal made a 5v1 play and guess what? Even a lose does but Ezreal made a PENTAKILL.

For more, please watch the video montage credit to Youtube Channel: LOL Carry Team.

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