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Faker Tries the New Double Tear Ezreal Build!

Yes! you already read it in the title that Faker (Hide on bush) build a new style in a solo queue of new double tear Ezreal Build, and the result was amazing.

There's a fan that uploaded his video replay that SKT T1 Faker perform this new build style. I don't know exactly why or what will be the reason behind. Does this is a troll? maybe, or does this really a plan, we don't know.

Anyways, his the best Mid player of all time. He knows exactly what he needs to do and how does he prove it is unbelievable.

I just recently post my Ezreal build patch note 8.16 update. But after watching this video, I was really totally amazed on how he play. Of course he is one of the most popular LoL pro player ever.

Since I've been working out and seeking some more builds to follow for my Ranked Games. I need to get all the amazing Ezreal Build to go back at the top and increase my MMR in LoL.

So I can say, this new build was really good but still it really depends on the player who is using Ezreal in-game. Because on my current, I don't think following this build would be good for me.

Not all the time my build was perfect each rank match I play. So, I must need to understand the opponent more before deciding on what build should I do to win the game.

Watch the video and see what you can say about Faker experimental double tear build.

Take note that if your going to do this, observe that you cannot buy the tear at the same time. Having 2 tear will not stack Tear of the Goddess at the same time. You must finish one of them before building the other one.

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