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Ezreal Skin: Pulsefire Ezreal (2017 Update) - League of Legends

Riot Games

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer has an interesting wardrobe: it ranges from some minimal colour changes to an impressive cybernetic incarnation. Additionally, he’s no stranger to references and his skins add a few as well. The question is: how does he look while trotting around ruins? Read further on this skins’ review to find out.

Pulsefire Ezreal with ingame gameplay!

This skin has been released back 2012. It is the number 1 Ezreal Skin as of the now. Yes! until now I don't have this skin. Watching the video is really amazing and I really wish to buy it soon. It is the most expensive skin and it really has a lot of features.

Splash Art

This piece is completely devoted to showing Ezreal’s new cybernetic style to the point of practically skipping the background. In fact, the background may be simply black as the portal is directly linked to Ezreal; which is also the source of the light beams. Accordingly, everything in the piece is a part of Ezreal. However, there isn’t that much so it looks a bit empty. With that in consideration, Ezreal is expected to look impressive and he doesn’t disappoint. Ezreal’s depiction is, indeed, excellent: his clothes reflect light and are complex yet practical. His energy cannon looks stunning which coupled with the jetpack’s boost and flowing hair provide motion to the piece. Ezreal looks different from his usual self: stern, focused and maybe older. Still, the design is cohesive and greatly enhanced by the great lighting and numerous reflections. In conclusion, this is an alright splash art: Ezreal looks awesome but it sorely needs an interesting background.

So lets go over the list of what this new legendary skin will offer you:
  • New Voice Overs.
  • New Animations.
  • New Dance/Joke/Taunt.
  • New Spell effects for every spell.
  • New Appearance at levels 6, 11, and 16.
  • New Fly Animation ( after level 16 ).
  • New kill animations for minions and champions.
  •  New Profile Banner and Summoner Icon upon purchase.

Riot Games
Sets the bar pretty high for future legendary skins doesn't it? I'm super glad Riot is adding the Profile banner and Summoner Icon.. hope we get some more soon!

Check out the making of this skin.

The small bit of bad news about Pulsefire Ezreal is the cost... it's going to run you 3250 Riot Points ( around $25 ). Good thing Riot is going to puse him HALF OFF during the first four days after he is released!!

"To celebrate Pulsefire Ezreal’s landing in the League of Legends Store, we’ll be letting you take him home for less than the price of a Legendary Skin for the first four days after he’s released. You’ll be able to add Pulsefire Ezreal to your arsenal for 1625 RP – a full 50% off his base price. After the sale, he’ll return to his regular price of 3250 RP"

C'mon though, that's a steal for all the hard work and effort Riot has put into the skin. What you ought to do now is head on over to the Pulsefire Armory, a mini site displaying the true potential of Pulsefire Ezreal. In the event you can't give that a looksie, check out these screen caps of the skin.

Here's the New and Old Pulsefire Ezreal skin ingame view comparison.

Riot Games
 Pulsefire Ezreal finely propels the Prodigal Explorer into the future with a dazzling array of visual and aural modifications. Firstly, the model reflects a futuristic warrior quite well and the evolution of the armour makes a strong statement about the advancement of technology. Besides, the animated cannon and jetpack provide a welcome extra layer of complexity to his aspect.

The dark tone of the textures reveals a clear inclination for the grim and gritty which, while not being out of place, sometimes ends up clashing with the brighter style of yore; in which the design was made. The particles match the theme and range from good to disappointing. The auto-attacks and normal abilities don’t impress but are well executed.

As a matter of fact, the visual upgrade reduced the amount and length of the particles as well as the variety of design. There’re less grids and specific shapes for each ability and trails are notoriously brief unlike how particles were before. Now, each ability looks like the same ball of energy with, sometimes, extra decoration around it.

They are mostly balls of energy with some grid patterns around, Essence Flux and Arcane Shift only, in a dim blue shade. Conversely, Trueshot Barrage is a fine example of what an ultimate skin shouldn’t do. Not only is it overly simplistic but also has a dull design and tone.

Auto-attacks are significantly different, Mystic Shot and Essence Flux are merely adapted to his cannon but Arcane Shift and Trueshot Barrage provide an attractive spectacle.

It’s frankly surprising and unexplainable how an upgrade can end up having the opposite effect. The animations are definitely a highlight especially at the latter levels when Ezreal can fly with his jetpack. The abilities’ animations range from good to great.

Imaging to have this skin while your playing and make your Ezreal Build ingame. I never ever forget the first time that I saw this skin together with my team mate. That was the time that I did loved to use Ezreal as well.

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